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Zyzz Fast Lunar Caster

by zyzz

Blazingly fast caster for Tan leather and Spin flax

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Zyzz Blazingly Fast Lunar Caster by zyzz

Script ID: a2f96ab8-5bd7-4337-85d6-8288eb6889cc

Latest revision: 1

Updated at: 4/14/2024

Blazingly fast caster for Tan leather and Spin flax

Ever wondered how wiki got it's high rates? They were using this script!

(pictures in discord of the setup)

Required Setup:

  • A bank tab with the material you are using and the product you're making, this is the tab you provide in the GUI.
  • This tab needs to be full, but not scrollable downwards, meaning between 41 and 48 (Picture in discord).
  • Ideally have your rune pouch(required), the staff you're using (Currently supports lava battlestaff and air battlestaff, you can change it @ lines 552 and 564) and a Jug and a Vial (could be any 2 items, change them @ line 600-602) at the top of the bank.
  • Enable Magic filters and have Teleport and Spells you lack the runes to cast removed.
  • Tan leather spell has to be at the middle and spin flax to the middle left with the runes you're using for the script to work.
  • Currently only supports castle wars bank so you have to start standing there with your inventory empty.


  • Supports Tan Leather and Spin Flax spells.
  • Goes pretty fast, up to over wiki rates on flax and 8k hides/hr on fast mode, but more like 6k/h on normal.

Additional information:

not recommended to use the fast mode for too long :)