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Wrath Runecrafter

by Torwent🐝

Crafts Wrath runes at the Myths' Guild

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Wrath Runecrafter by Torwent🐝

Script ID: 928ed577-393d-476c-ae84-a5670c9f9fae

Latest revision: 13

Updated at: 12/02/2024, 17:35:49

Date updated at: 12/02/2024

Time of update: 17:35:49

Crafts Wrath runes at the Myths' Guild


  • Crafts Wrath runes at the Myths' Guild
  • Eats food, stamina and prayer potions
  • Optional - Uses Desert Amulet 4
  • Optional - Uses protect from melee against the dragons SET AS QUICK PRAY
  • Uses WaspLib Breaking and Sleep management

Multiple teleport options

  • Ring of Dueling
  • COMING SOON - Amulet of Glory with recharging
  • Amulet of Eternal Glory
  • Crafting Cape
  • Max Cape


  • Dragon Slayer II Complete
  • 95 Runecrafting
  • Last NPC Contact was Dark Mage

In Inventory/Equipped

  • Wrath tiara or GOTR hat attuned with wrath (catalytic works too)
  • Colossal pouch
  • Runes for NPC Contact (Air, Cosmic, Lunar) or Runecrafting/Max cape
  • Mythical cape
  • Antifire shield

In Bank

  • Any food
  • Stamina potion (1)
  • Prayer potion(2)
  • Lots of Pure Essence

Known Issues

  • Sometimes gets stuck in the wrath altar trying to move SW.