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Wasp Wintertodt

by Torwent🐝

Wintertodt script for great Firemaking experience.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...


Kills Wintertodt for you.

For new accounts, it's recommended that you unlock a player owned house first to benefit from construction experience you get during the game.

It's also recommended to get around 20/30 wc, fletch and construction as it will greatly increase the experience you will get in those skills.

Script Requirements:

  • 50 Firemaking

Required Setup:

  • 4 pieces of warm clothing equipped
  • Food in your bank
  • Tinderbox, Knife and a Hammer in your inventory
  • Axe equipped
  • Need to start around the wintertodt area on a mass world


  • Auto detects any available food in your bank
  • Deposits the crates for you to open them later (bank space is recommended!)

Known Issues:

  • The food detected might not be the one you want to use, in this case start with the one you want in your inventory
  • Teleport mode sometimes has issues
  • If the script is taking too much food you are not using good enough food for your level, get better quality food
  • Seems to get stuck behind the bank sometimes

Additional Information:

Health regen is extremely useful here so having a Regen bracelet and an Hitpoints Skillcape help a lot.