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Wasp Tempoross

by Torwent🐝

Tempoross scripfor you so you don't have to.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...


Kills Tempoross for you so you don't have to. You can use this script all the way from 35 fishing to 99.

Required Setup:

  • Empty inventory or inventory with the tools required.


  • Supports bare-handed fishing or any harpoon in the game
  • Supports harpoon special attacks
  • Supports Imcando's hammer

Known Common Issues:

  • Can accidentally tether to masts and totems, usually when trying to repair them or walking.
  • When it's accidentally tethered, it will untether but it might take a few seconds to do so.
  • Losing a game (because the overall team is bad or whatever) can crash the script.
  • Prioritizing double fishing spots rarely happens as it should.
  • When an action is canceled for some reason, the script takes a few seconds to recover. e.g. clicking a fish spot that disappears that same tick.

Known Rare Issues:

  • May be hit by a wave.

Known Very Rare Issues:

  • Might try to go around the island to put a fire down.
  • Might walk through a fire
  • Might get stuck in a loop trying to withdraw stuff from the crates.

Additional Information:

Please don't post issues about known issues, they are already known. Regardless, the script is pretty stable and you should average 2/3 points a game depending on your fishing level.