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Wasp Tab Maker

by Torwent🐝

Makes spell tablets in your POH

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Total Gold Gained: ...

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Makes spell tablets in your player owned house.

Script Requirements:

  • POH located in Rimmington, even if you are using a butler
  • 4 rooms in a cross pattern adjacent to your garden where your portal is (see picture in the script GUI)
  • A lectern in your POH, must be in the north room of your 4 rooms cross pattern.

Required Setup:

  • Your house needs to look EXACTLY like the picture shown when you start the script. If you have more rooms, you need to remove them or hide them with the house menu options, otherwise the script won't work.
  • If you are using Phials, you should have in your inventory:
    • Coins and Noted soft clay in your inventory.
  • If you are using a butler you need:
    • You need 2 bedrooms.
    • Soft clay in your bank.
    • Coins in the servant money bag. (Needs to be replenished manually once in a while)
    • Hammer and saw in your inventory (nails too if doing regular larders).
  • The Spell available for the tablet you want to make (make sure you have runes, staves, quests done, whatever you need to cast the spell).


  • Supports all POH spell tablets.
  • Supports all lecterns, from Oak to Marble.

Known Issues:

  • Your house needs to look EXACTLY like the picture shown. If it doesn't, the script won't work.
  • Might have trouble finding Phials and/or demon butler sometimes.
  • The script doesn't detect when you run out of coins in your servant's money bag. You need to replenish it manually. Keep it full!

Additional information:

You can hide rooms by moving them away 2 room squares away without removing them but not having them is better for better load times.