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Wasp Offerer

by Torwent🐝

Casts demonic and sinister offering spells for magic and prayer experience.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...


Uses Demonic and Sinister Offering spells to offer three ashes or bones in the player's inventory, granting three times the normal experience per ash for scattering them.

The spell offers the first three ashes or bones in the player's inventory regardless of type.

Script Requirements:

  • 84 Magic
  • A Kingdom Divided Completed

Required Setup:

  • Demonic offering: Wrath runes, Soul runes and Demonic ashes
  • Sinister offering: Wrath runes, Blood runes, Bones


  • Supports several banks
  • Supports all ashes
  • Supports all bones