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Wasp Launcher

by Torwent🐝

Keep and run everything related to updated.

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Wasp Launcher by Torwent🐝

Script ID: d563990c-4d31-4aba-b214-18e69171ed5e

Latest revision: 18

Updated at: 04/04/2024, 14:08:33

Date updated at: 04/04/2024

Time of update: 14:08:33

Keep and run everything related to updated.

Required Setup:

  • Only Simba required and having signed up to the website before.


  • Update SRL-T for you
  • Update WaspLib for you
  • Update any script you currently have access to for you
  • Ensure locked files are unlocked before updating something that tries to overwrite them
  • Auto-updates itself