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Wasp Combat

by Torwent🐝

All in one combat script.

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Total Gold Gained: ...

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All in one combat script. Supports several monsters, mainly slayer monsters. The script does not bank, so whatever you want to kill you need to bring gear/potions/food to survive it. Has a couple of extra features if you are using it for slayer specifically.

The supported monsters are the following:

Any Monster - Working
Aberrant Spectre - Working
Abyssal Demon - Working
Ankou - Working
Black Demon - Working
Black Dragon - Working
Bloodveld - Not working
Blue Dragon - Working
Bronze Dragon - Working
Cave Horror - Working
Cave Kraken - Not working
Chicken - Working
Cow - Working
Dagannoth - Working
Dark Beast - Working
Deviant Spectre - Working
Drake - Working
Dust Devil - Working
Dwarf - Not working
Fire Giant - Working
Gargoyle - Working
Goblin - Working
Greater Demon - Working
Greater Nechryael - Working
Hellhound - Working
Hill Giant - Working
Hobgoblin - Not working
Hydra - Not working
Ice Giant - Not working
Iorwerth Warrior - Working
Iron Dragon - Working
Kalphite Worker - Working
Kalphite Soldier - Working
Kalphite Guardian - Working
Kurask - Working
Lesser Demon - Working
Monk - Not working
Moss Giant - Working
Mountain Troll - Not working
Mutated Bloodveld - Working
Nechryael - Not working
Seagull - Not sure
Skeletal Wyvern - Working
Smoke Devil - Not working
Steel Dragon - Working
Suqah - Working
Wyrm - Working

Not every location with the monster is supported either.

Babysitting is recommended. May fail to loot sometimes.