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Wasp Blast Furnace

by Torwent🐝

Bots smithing for you at blast furnace

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Wasp Blast Furnace by Torwent🐝

Script ID: a17eeda7-b3e7-4aba-9d9a-cc2d338e41ba

Bots smithing for you at blast furnace

Can get you up to 360 K xp/h with gold bars and up to 1.2 M gp/h with runite at 99 smithing.

Required Setup:

  • 60 Smithing to use the blast furnace without the Foreman's fee.
  • All items required should be close together at the bank, preferable visible without scrolling
  • Have gold in the inventory or coffer, preferably in the coffer, 72k per hour you plan having the bot running


  • Supports all bars
  • Supports gold gauntlets
  • Supports coal bag
  • Supports 99 smithing cape for both gold experience boost and coal bag capacity boost
  • Supports stamina potions

Known Issues:

  • May mess up the coal ration once in a while and needs to go through a "resyncing" process which wastes some time
  • When doing steel bars, may occasionally make iron bars by accident. Expect about 0.1% of your iron ore to become iron bars
  • When doing gold bars, may occasionally equip ice gloves too soon causing your to lose the experience boost. Expect this to happen to about 1-3% of your gold ore (wearing the 99 smithing cape obviously completely solves this)
  • Very rarely may deposit the coal bag and keep going without it

Additional information:

Stamina's (1) are recommended if using staminas.