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Wasp Ardougne Knights

by Torwent🐝

Pickpockets Ardougne knights in Ardougne south bank. Supports multiple diary completions, nearly all food and dodgy necklaces.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...


Pickpockets Ardougne knights in the southern Ardougne bank.

The script is made for crowded worlds, if you are not in a crowded world, you will have issues! World 302 is recommended.

Script Requirements:

  • 55 Thieving

Required Setup:

  • Start in Ardougne south bank
  • Start in world 302 or any other world with people pickpocketing knights in the bank


  • Supports nearly any food in the game
  • Supports dodgy necklaces
  • Banks for more necklaces/food if needed
  • Supports multiple Ardougne diary completions

Known Issues:

  • It's not good in empty worlds.

Additional information:

Using rogues set is highly recommended. Having Ardougne medium diary is also highly recommended.