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Wasp Agility

by Torwent🐝

The ultimate color only agility bot script. Supports most courses in game, can cast high alchemy and picks marks of grace.

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The ultimate color only agility bot script that doesn't need RuneLite training wheels to work. Can be used all the way from level 5 to 99 Agility.

Script Requirements:

  • Agility level for the course you want to do
  • Camelot course: 45 Magic and Hard Kandarin diary
  • High alchemy enabled: 55 Magic

Required Setup:

  • Start close or within the course you want to do
  • Camelot course: Air staff and Law runes
  • High alchemy enabled: Fire staff equipped and noted items

Supported courses:

  • All rooftop courses
  • Ape Atoll


  • Supports most courses in the game
    • Seer's course has 2 modes with and without teleport
  • Picks up marks of grace
  • Eats when health is low
  • Supports summer to both heal and boost agility
  • Can cast high alchemy while doing agility

Known Issues:

  • Might rarely miss Marks of grace. It will usually pick them up on the next lap
  • 10 Hitpoints accounts might die from falling.
  • High alchemy mode rarely gets turned off.
  • Gnome village and prifddinnas are not working
  • Some courses might break at certain obstacles, If this happens often I need you to post in discord a picture of your client where it broke and the error you got

Additional information:

Extra Marks of grace can be traded for Amylase crystals which can be sold in the G.E. for profit.