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Vyre Thiever

by bootje2000

Pickpockets vyres for large profits and XP

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Vyre Thiever by bootje2000

Script ID: 7eaadc8a-c2ae-44bf-8ef5-060e96ffef34

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Updated at: 15/06/2024, 06:17:57

Date updated at: 15/06/2024

Time of update: 06:17:57

Pickpockets vyres for large profits and XP

Can get 144 K-216 K xp/h and up to 4.5M gp/h (depending on level and Blood Shard price, check wiki for precise rates).

Required Setup:

  • Starting the script in Hallowed Sepulchre bank is recommended
  • Dodgy necklaces visible in bank
  • Shark or other food visible in bank (When using other food, specify at the top of the script the !exact! name of the food, instead of sharks).
  • Ancient brews(4) visible in bank when using redemption.
  • When using Shadow Veil: Runes to cast the spell in inventory. Recommended: Cosmic runes in inventory and lava battlestaff equipped. Also be sure to be on the Arceuus spellbook.
  • Rogue's equipment worn is heavily recommended and required to reach high profits!
  • High prayer gear is also recommended, like god book in offhand, god/Rada's blessing, Ring of shadows. This can save supplies and ensures running to the bank is safe!

Recommended settings

  • For Ancient brew mode: 11 ancient brews, 6 necklaces
  • For Food mode: 15 food, 2 necklaces


  • Pickpockets the Vyre in the northeast corner of Darkmeyer, near the Hallowed Sepulchre.
  • Pickpockets the Vyre until the supplies are finished and then runs to the Hallowed Sepulchre bank to restock
  • Can use Ancient brews + redemption as HP source or regular food. The standard settings for this can be controlled at the top of the script and can be manually adjusted in the GUI as well.
  • Uses Dodgy necklaces
  • Uses Shadow veil on cooldown
  • Uncut ruby drop can be collected in an open gem beg in inventory (adds 35-40k gp/hr). Otherwise they are dropped. Toggled using the option in the GUI or at the top of the script
  • The script is smart at handing situations where the vampyre is outside of her house and tries to manage the door to lure her inside again. -Coin pouches are opened at a random value between 1 and user-specified value and the changes every time you open them. Check the wiki to see how many you can hold maximally, and go a bit below that value.

Known Issues:

  • There is a singular tile which the player can stand on for approximately 10 ticks if stunned in that spot, where a Vyrewatch could attack you. Dying to this is possible but unlikely. It has never happened during 50+ hours of testing.
  • Can handle other players in the same world, although some other bots have behavior that counteracts this bots logic for opening the door.

Additional information:

  • Sins of the Father needs to be completed for Darkmeyer access.
  • Method requires 82 thieving
  • Ardougne hard diary is recommended for lower fail rates on pickpockets
  • Arceuus spellbook should be unlocked if using Shadow veil.

Unofficial and unsupported features:

  • If you don't like the fact that the script uses right click to pickpocket, it is possible wun it with RuneLite and enable menu entry swapper to left click pickpocket. The script will then automatically do that instead of right clicking. If you decide to do that, disable all other plugins! Beware that this comes with the common problems of using RuneLite like visual glitches. Be sure to have the 32 bit version of RuneLite, otherwise you get an error when trying to focus the window.