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Tithe farm

by prunodito

All in one Tithe farm

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All-in-One Tithe Farm Script

This script is tailored for farming levels 34 to 99 and comes with the following requirements:


  • 34 Farming
  • Seed dibber & Spade
  • 2 Inventory spaces free
  • 20 Watering cans in inventory or the Gricoller's can in inventory
  • Start near Tithe Farm


  • Supports Gricoller's can

Additional Information:

  • Ensure to disable the farmer's warning message.

Special Thanks To:

  • Flight for contributions to early editions of the code
  • Torwent for answering my questions
  • Saml1991 for fixing and helping with the code
  • Massive shout-out to student for keeping the script alive while I took a break