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StudentsRedwoods + Farm&BHruns

by Student

Chops redwoods with options to fletch, fletch+alch, bank or just drop so you don't have to

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StudentsRedwoods + Farm&BHruns by Student

Script ID: 4fe28030-d2b2-4f24-b805-d613acd57985

Latest revision: 72

Updated at: 15/05/2024, 14:20:46

Date updated at: 15/05/2024

Time of update: 14:20:46

Chops redwoods at the woodcutting guild. Options to bank, fletch into either shafts or redwood shields with dropping of the shields, alching of the shields or just drop if none of the options are selected. If alching the fletched shields, make sure you have runes or rune pouch on you and a tome of fire if you're using it.

Script will hop if too many people are nearby after a period of time and hunt for a clear world.

Has options for Farm runs and Birdhouse runs. Special thanks to the devs of those projects, ClubXJ and CanadianJames, respectively.


Have all the items you need for your farm/BH runs at the top of your bank for maximum efficiency/speed.

Your world list must be sequential (301…302…303) worldhopper code by Yolandi, randomizer by aKilsigPils

world confirmation

Turn OFF world confirmation

You'll need to run the script twice before it'll work if it is your first ever time running one of my scripts which has farm run and BH run support.

Farm run and BH include instructions

You must have auto weed and your patches pre-raked or planted previously.

Set your house teleport to always be outside of your house. house settings

Bank setup:

Ideally, have everything you need in the first tab at the top of the bank. It will search for items it does not see but this can be much slower. Do not put multiple herb seeds visible at the top, it'll pull the closest to the top seed if there are multiple regardless of what seed you choose

Items needed Farm runs:

Compost: If using, in bank. not leprechaun.

Weiss Herb: Icy basalt

Stronghold Herb: Stony basalt, 73 agility and hard fremennik diary

Ardougne Herb & Flower: Ardy cape 2+, equipped if supposed to be for the collector item

Kandarin Bush: pre-planted white berry bush, Ardy cape 1+

Farming Guild Herb and Flower: A farming cape or a stack of skills necklaces. 2 spots for your skills necklaces. 1 spot that is your fully charged stack and to the left of the is 1 pendant with 1-3 teleports left if using (4)s or 1-5 if using (6)s

Farming guild cactus: pre-planted potato cactus. Teleports as above.

Falador Herb & Flower: Explorers ring 2+

Catherby Herb & Allotment: One of runes for teleport to Camelot / Runes for teleport to Catherby (lunar spellbook) / Camelot tablets / Catherby tablets

Phasmatys Herb: Ectophial

Hosidius Herb & Flower: One of charged Xeric’s talisman / Hosidius tablets

Items needed Birdhouse runs:

1 x clockwork (if using for slightly faster runs)

Stack of logs at desired tier

Stack of seeds for use in the birdhouses (Barley seed is default)

1 x hammer

1 x chisel

2 spots for digsite pendants. 1 spot that is your fully charged pendant stack and to the left of that stack is 1 pendant with 1-4 teleports left.

Further explanations of the farm run include can be found on discord in the #Scripts section in the pinned section.