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Students Collector

by Student

Collects Mort Myre Fungus, Red Spiders Eggs, Snapegrass, Zamorak wines, Blue Dragon Scales, Super Antipoisons, Logs and Planks so you don't have to.

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Students Collector by Student

Script ID: b38bc44b-b24e-465c-9200-84259e223052

Latest revision: 16

Updated at: 25/02/2024, 04:01:45

Collects many useful items for solo players. Mostly herblore secondaries.

Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode does multiple things when it is checked on in the GUI. It uses rings from the inventory, allowing you to keep a ring of life equipped. It also has low hitpoints checks and will teleport to Ferox if its hitpoints fall too low. This is currently set to 25, although you can edit it at line 753. I DO NOT CLAIM TO 100% PROTECT AN ACCOUNTS STATUS.

Hardcore mode is most helpful for:

Mort myre fungus: ghast max hit is 3. If you have at least 35 hp, ring of life will save you

Zamorak wines: Monk max hit is 8, if you have at least 85 hp, ring of life will save you. Otherwise, I recommend either babysitting it or awaiting a future update for teleporting away / detecting combat state.

Red spider eggs: Spidine max hit is 5, if you have at least 55 hp, ring of life will save you.

Required Setup:


The world hopper doesn't work if your worlds are not sequential. i.e. 301, 302, 303...

Mort Myre Fungus

Drakans Medallion: Requires a Drakans Medallion (equipped), one of Silver sickle(b)/Blisterwood flail/Ivandis flail, lots of duel rings. Start with full prayer points. Starting areas: Ferox, Ver Sinhaza teleport spot (not bank), anywhere between the teleport spot and the 4 spot.

Fairy rings: Requires draman staff/fairy ring access + dramen staff equipped, an ardougne cape (any tier), lots of duel rings. Start with full prayer points Starting areas: Ardy monastary, Ferox, Zanaris, BKR swamp fairy ring

Red spiders eggs

Tower of life: Requires a stack of sardines and at least 14 red spiders eggs at the top of your bank, an ardougne cape (level 2 or higher) and lots of dueling rings. This uses combat to get the red spiders eggs Starting areas: Ardy monastary, Ferox, ground floor tower of life, bottom floor tower of life.

Zamorak wines

Asgarnia chaos temple: Lots of duel rings, lots of games necklace, a zamorak monk robe top and bottom equipped (OR YOU WILL DIE), 14 agility, Falador easy diary. Starting areas: Ferox, Burthorpe, at the Asgarnian chaos temple

Snape grass

Peer the Seer: Fremmy easy completion. Starting areas: Rellekka, Waterbirth.

Lunar spellbook: 73 magic and on Lunar spellbook, runes for teleport to waterbirth and lots of duel rings. Starting areas: Ferox, Waterbirth.

Blue dragon scales

Myths guild: at least 43 prayer, Anti-dragon shield equipped, mythic cape equipped, plenty of rings of dueling. Starting areas: Ferox, Myths guild, Myths guild dungeon.

Taverly dungeon: at least 43 prayer, at least 70 agility, Anti-dragon shield equipped, plenty of rings of dueling. Starting areas: Ferox, Falador, Taverly dungeon entrance, Blue dragon area in the dungeon.

Super Antipoisons

Castle wars: Lots of rings of dueling Starting areas: Ferox, Castle Wars.

Normal Logs

Lumbridge castle roof: Starting areas: Lumbridge castle roof

Normal Planks

Barbarian Assault: Starting areas: Barbarian assault

Planned updates:

Non-combat red spider eggs collecting in wilderness

Wilderness Zamorak wines

Snape grass in Hosidious

Farm run integration