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by Prush

Does the Blast Mine minigame

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PrushBlastMine by Prush

Script ID: 26dd86dc-f59a-48fd-9bf9-b73fa432c48d

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Updated at: 11/01/2024, 18:13:36

Date updated at: 11/01/2024

Time of update: 18:13:36

Does the Blast Mine minigame

Yields ~40k XP/Hr & ~350K/Hr

Required Setup:

  • Dynamite visible in bank, preferably near the top.
  • Ensure you have a chisel & a tinderbox in your inventory.


  • Fully functional sleeps, breaks & antiban.
  • Won't randomly break next to lit dynamite, will wait until it banks before breaking.
  • Will run to the NPC to gather your blasted ore randomly.

Additional information:

  • 43 mining required
  • 100% Lovakengj favour required