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Prush Sandstorm

by Prush

Mines sandstone at the quarry for buckets of sand

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Mines sandstone at the quarry for buckets of sand

Mines sandstone at the quarry for buckets of sand, I see you ironmen/women.

Required Setup:

  • Start with either noted buckets in your inventory, or give Drew your buckets beforehand. Will deposit however many buckets you set in the configuration

  • If using humidify, you can use either a rune pouch or just simply have the humidify runes in your inventory. This was tested with 2 waterskins and works just fine.

  • If using a circlet of water, no need to worry about water supply. Make sure you charge it before-hand, there is a failsafe and will force log if you somehow run out of charges, but it will not recharge the circlet.

  • If using desert ammy 4, you don't need to worry about any water supply.


  • Supports Humidify (Rune pouch or runes)
  • Supports Circlet of Water
  • Supports Desert Amulet 4
  • Supports DPick Special Attack
  • Sleeps/Breaks

Additional information:

  • If using humidify, you need 'Lunar Diplomacy' & 'Dream Mentor' quests completed
  • Desert Amulet 4 is a reward for completion of the desert elite diary
  • Circlet of Water requires completion of the quest 'Beneath Cursed Sands'