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GodTierKappa Quarry Miner

by GodTierKappa

Sandstone miner to get sandstone for 99 crafting in no time! Granite mining in alpha!

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

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Find me on discord if you have any questions: GodTierKappa

Good News Everyone! The new release version is working with the updated libraries. Please PM me on discord with any suggestions or bugs you encounter with the new version! It should be working as intended but feel free to let me know of any issues.

This is my first script release using Wasplib and I've been testing it for a couple weeks and feel it is time for a alpha release.

Requirements and setup:

  • Circlet of Water is required for this script as it will not stop even while taking damage in its current state so make sure you have a ton of charges. Varrock armor and desert clothes are a plus! Graceful if you have it can be good :D

  • Make sure you are inside the sandstone mine and close to the ores by the grinder when you start the script

  • Just run the default option for now as the other options aren't in production yet.

Future Features:

  • Dragon Pickaxe spec

  • Full humidify for waterskins

  • Running to buy more waterskins from shanty pass

  • Better ore pathing

  • World hopping if player

This is revision 1 so it is very bare bones but it works quite well all things considered. I'm unsure how much I will add to the future feautures as I have no need for them. If people would like they can reach me in the discord with additions. I will also upload this to the Oasis (will provide a link at a later date)

For now it works well for me and i'm happy with its state. I recommend you keep an eye on it while it mines.


  • New Revisions support updated Forms!

SPECIAL THANKS (Literally couldn't do this without these amazing people):

  • Flight
  • Torwent