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by Crabby

Train your magic in style with this amazing script. It'll make you new friends in no time.

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NO WASPLIB OR SRL NEEDED! Simply select the colors of your monster and the script will do the work! Even has a mode that only casts curse if you can't use high alchemy quite yet :D

Must be run in FIXED mode. The monster by default is the Zammy monk under the stairs at Varrock castle.

Color setup:

First thing is first you'll want to select these crosshairs near the top of your Simba window and drag them over your runescape client:


Next you'll want to go up to tools and select ACA: ACA

After that you need to select distinct colors on the monster you want to curse:


Once you have a set of colors press the Debug button to see what the program will see (don't worry if it's over chat or inventory the bot ignores those spots):


Then once you have a good set of colors that only show you the monster you want to curse take the colors in the order they appear and put them into the script! Enjoy and have fun botting!



Potential issues:

  • If there's multiple monsters of the same type make sure you zoom in to get them out of frame or the bot will try to click on them. Can use runelite to zoom in further.

  • The alchemy casting colors can interfere with finding the monster so make sure your camera is set in a way that it doesn't cover.

  • The bot will not recognize when you're out of things to alch so please set the amount in the start of the script!!

  • For your own safety you should make sure the monster is safespotted over a fence or other obstacle. The best thing to do before starting the script is to curse it yourself once so the monster stays in position.