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Charter Shop Crafting

by Daxious

Makes use of superglassmake and charter shops to level crafting.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...


Script Requirements:

Lunar diplomacy
77 Magic

Required Setup:

Start on a dock with a charter shop from the GUI dropdown menu.
Have coins, glassblowing pipe and have a lot of astral and fire runes(or other fire sources, just put any other item in this spot). Also works with rune pouch.
(Script stops if u have 100 or less Astral runes).
Equip a staff of air/tome/mystic smoke staff for unlimited runes.
Highly recommend you fill the last 8 slots of your inventory outside of what your setup is such that there are only 24 open spaces.

Feedback and help:

If you need generic help, go to the help chat in discord.
If script related, post in the scripts charter shop thread.
Feel free to @ Student.


 If you wanna change the worlds you use, you can do so on line 45.
 Add individual worlds seperated by a ",", and do blocks of worlds using ".."
 Ex: WorldsArray := [441..449,484..496,505..522];
 I recommend only using 7-8 worlds that are in the same scroll during worldswitcher for most efficient setup

Script features:

 Script leaves much to be desired but not in the state right now to remake the script.