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BigAussie Salt & Basalt Miner

by BigAussie

Mines Salt & Basalt, Creates Icy & Stony Basalt Teleports.

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Total Gold Gained: ...

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BigAussie Salt & Basalt Miner


  • Mines Basalt and exchanges for notes at Snowflake.
  • Mines and creates Icy Basalt or Stony Basalt teleports.
  • Mines Salt - Te Salt, Efh Salt or Urt Salt.
  • You can select multiple in the GUI, for example you can choose 200 Stony Basalt and 1000 Efh salt and it will continue until this order is filled.
  • Uses Wasp built in Bio-hash and Anti-Ban features.
  • Supports Wasp Breaks/Sleep.


  • You must have access to the Salt Mine underneath Weiss.

  • You must have a pickaxe.

  • Simba 1400 32-bit with Legacy client.

  • Most up to date SRL-T and WaspLib.