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BigAussie Cannonball Smelter

by BigAussie

Smelts cannonballs, Supports multiple furnaces in the world.

Total Experience Gained: ...

Total Gold Gained: ...

Total Runtime: ...



  • Supports Single and Double moulds.
  • GUI for easy setup.
  • Supported Furnaces (Shilo Village, Prifddinas, Edgeville, Neitiznot, Mount Karuulm, Port Phasmaty, Falador)
  • Supports Discord Webhooks for notification on script termination.
  • Uses Wasp Bio-hash and Anti-Ban features.
  • Supports Wasp Breaks/Sleep.
  • Variable script speed, Mouse Speed, Wait-Time, Anti-Ban Frequency.


  • If using Shilo Village you must have money in the coffer and the smelting warning prompt hidden - To do this just try to smelt once and click don't ask me again. (Unless you have elite diary)

  • If using Port Phasmaty bank it will be faster with a ghost speak amulet or mort legs 3+ equipped.

  • You must have a single or double cannon mould.

  • Ensure your Steel Bars are in the very first tab and at the top of the bank.

  • Make sure no Iron bars or items similar to Steel bars are visible in the bank window.

  • Simba 1400 32-bit with Legacy client.

  • Most up to date SRL-T and WaspLib.