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Bigaussie AIO Lunar Spells

by BigAussie

Lunar spells all in one, supports buying/selling with grand exchange.

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BigAussie's AIO Lunar Spellbook


  • Supports Bake Pie/Humidify/Spin Flax/Superglass Make/Tan Leather/String Jewellery/Plank Make and Recharge Dragonstone.
  • Supporting Buying and selling at the Grand Exchange.
  • Supports Rune Pouch. (You must start with the pouch in your inventory)
  • Wasp Anti-Ban support with breaks and sleeps.
  • Supports all wasp banks.
  • Plank Make will cycle between fast and slow casting planks using a focused/unfocused timers.
  • Stop at desired Magic level support.
  • Adjustable script speed, will change how often Anti-Ban and wait events happen and increase focused time on make plank.


  • You must be on the Lunar Spell Book.

  • You must have your staff equipped.

  • The item you wish to process must be in the first tab and at the top of your bank somewhere.

  • You must have the spell unlocked. (Note some spells have quest requirements)

  • Simba 1400 32-bit with Legacy client.

  • Most up to date SRL-T and WaspLib.