Wyrm-killing, automated

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AeroWyrms by 𝕱𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙

  • Script ID: 3c155fcc-f944-4613-b6e2-b1f0b819418e
  • Current revision: 3
  • Last updated: 15/02/2024


  • Fights wyrms in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
  • Collects loot from your own slain wyrms, including wyrm bones and most valuable item drops
  • Banks at the bank chest on Mount Karuulm
  • Eats user-specified food
  • Detects out-of-runes or out-of-ammo via the chat box if using magic/ranged respectively
  • (Optionally) Supports dragon battleaxe-boosting
  • GUI on start-up
  • By default utilizes standard OSRS client with RemoteInput (no hijacking the mouse/keyboard)
  • Break/Sleep system
  • Optimized to run efficiently with reduced CPU usage
  • Should work in any client mode / size / zoom level (fixed client and decent zoom level recommended)


  • Does not support protection prayers (food only!)
  • Does not support combat with shadow wyrms
  • Does not high-alch items; everything valuable is banked


  • 62+ Slayer
  • Plenty of food
  • Player must already be wearing: boots of stone / brimstone or granite boots
  • Simba 1400 32-bit with the official OSRS client (non-Steam version)
  • Most up-to-date SRL-T from Torwent's SRL-T repo
  • Most up-to-date WaspLib
  • Script setup is on the GUI

How to use

  • Start either at the bank chest or in the dungeon near the wyrms
  • Have your desired combat equipment already worn
  • If using the dragon battleaxe, have this already in your inventory
  • Boots of stone/brimstone or granite boots already worn
  • If you you have bigger and badder unlocked it's highly recommended you run this script off-task as shadow wyrms are not supported

In-game settings

  • Max brightness
  • XP bar permanently opened with either total XP or whatever combat skill you're using
  • Recommended having your zoom level set to a decent amount (~10-30)


I designed this script with the original intent to gather bones, revolving around ironman-styled gameplay. I hope it also serves as an example of how to efficiently handle combat with color.