Guardians of the rift, automated

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Guardians of the Rift made easy

Current revision: 22

Last updated: 10/04/2024


  • Plays the Guardians of the Rift minigame in official worlds
  • Play flow: mines fragments > crafts essence > crafts guardian stones > powers up the Great Guardian
  • Support for all altars
  • Support for all essence pouches
  • Catalytic and Elemental only modes available
  • (Optionally) Creates shields before the game begins
  • (Optionally) Repairs shields
  • Repairs damaged essence pouches via the NPC Contact spell or Apprentice Cordelia (abyssal pearls method)
  • (Optionally) Drop specified runes after crafting
  • (Optionally) Drop specified powered cells after crafting if repairing shields
  • (Optionally) Retains & uses user-specified talismans
  • Deposits crafted runes into the deposit pool by default
  • By default utilizes standard OSRS client with RemoteInput (no hijacking the mouse/keyboard)
  • Breaking system
  • Sleep system
  • WaspStats
  • Optimized to run efficiently with reduced CPU usage
  • Should work in any client mode / size / zoom level

Future features

  • Combination runecrafting
  • Guardian-crafting
  • In-game HUD
  • Dragon pickaxe special activator


  • Simba 1400 32bit with the official (legacy java) OSRS client (non-Steam version)
  • Most up-to-date SRL-T from Torwent's SRL-T repo
  • Most up-to-date WaspLib
  • Script setup via GUI, advanced settings are on lines 10-14

How to use

  • Temple of the Eye quest completed
  • Run in an official GotR world
  • Have your pickaxe already equipped or in you inventory
  • If using medium - colossal essence pouches:
    • Have them already in your inventory
    • If CASTSPELL is enabled (NPC Contact to repair) then you must be already on the Lunar spell book
    • If CASTSPELL is enabled (NPC Contact to repair) then the spell must already be set to Dark Mage
    • If CASTSPELL is enabled (NPC Contact to repair) then you must use a Rune Pouch and have it already in your inventory with the required runes (Astral/Cosmic/Air)
    • If not using NPC Contact to repair pouches, already have the ability to repair via abyssal pearls unlocked + plenty of abyssal pearls in your inventory
  • Run the script either in-game or outside the entrance barrier

In-game settings

  • Max brightness
  • XP bar permanently opened with either total XP or Runecrafting XP displayed
  • Recommended having your zoom level set to a decent amount (~10-25)
  • DO NOT set your zoom level out to max