Ectofuntus, automated

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Current revision: 5

Last updated: 01/08/2023


  • Handles the entire process of offering bones at the Ectofuntus
  • Grinds bones into bonemeal, gathers slime from the sub levels, and offers bonemeal
  • Takes tokens when the amount owed is maxed (1,000)
  • Banks at either Port Phasmatys or Castle Wars
  • Auto-utilizes the shortcut if your Agility level is 58+
  • Supports all types of bones excluding normal bones
  • GUI on start-up
  • By default utilizes standard OSRS client with RemoteInput (no hijacking the mouse/keyboard)
  • Break/Sleep system
  • Optimized to run efficiently with reduced CPU usage
  • Should work in any client mode / size / zoom level (fixed client and decent zoom level recommended)


  • Completion of the Ghosts Ahoy quest
  • Ectophial, Ghostspeak amulet, 9 pots, 9 buckets, bones and plenty of Rings of dueling (if banking via CastleWars)
  • Simba 1400 32-bit with the official OSRS client (non-Steam version)
  • Most up-to-date SRL-T from Torwent's SRL-T repo
  • Most up-to-date WaspLib
  • Script setup is on the GUI

How to use

  • Start anywhere with 9 pots, 9 buckets, 9 bones and the ectophial in your inventory
  • Already be wearing your Ghostspeak amulet
  • If banking via Castle Wars, already have a Ring of dueling equipped

In-game settings

  • Max brightness
  • XP bar permanently opened with either total XP or Mining XP displayed
  • Recommended having your zoom level set to a decent amount (~10-30)