Barrows, automated

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AeroBarrows by 𝕱𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙

  • Script ID: 0009ac2d-19a0-4a4d-8c15-7c35dcae27df
  • Current revision: 8
  • Last updated: 29/03/2024


  • Kills the barrows brothers, navigates the dungeon and loots the chest
  • Restores stats & banks at the Ferox Enclave
  • User-defined custom gear and combat style setups for each brother
  • Gear setups are automatically saved and loaded when starting the script
  • (Optionally) Targets a rewards percentage for the dungeon
  • User defined food & prayer restoration potions
  • Only takes a sip of prayer-restoration potions if out of prayer and fighting either Dharok or Karil
  • Supported methods of returning to barrows: -- Teleport (Barrows teleport / teletab) -- POH (via portal room, also the room must be adjacent to the initial room) -- Fairy Rings (requires any Ardougne cape + Dramen / Lunar staff)
  • Detects out-of-runes or out-of-ammo via the chat box if using magic/ranged respectively
  • Detects broken equipment (ex: barrows equipment)
  • (Optional) In-game HUD
  • GUI on start-up
  • By default utilizes standard OSRS client with RemoteInput (no hijacking the mouse/keyboard)
  • Break/sleep system
  • Optimized to run efficiently with reduced CPU usage
  • Should work in any client mode / size (tested successfully in both fixed and resizable mode) (zoom level 25 or less is highly recommended)


  • Does not support strange old lockpick (yet)
  • Does not support travel methods to barrows other than what's listed above
  • Does not support recharging items, repairing equipment or replenishing runes
  • Does not support snaring, walking and attacking the brothers from a distance


  • A spade in your inventory
  • Rings of dueling (equipped)
  • You must have the minimap unlocked from doing the His Faithful Servants miniquest
  • 43+ Prayer
  • Plenty of food & Prayer/Super restore potions
  • [If using Magic] Plenty of charges if using a powered staff or plenty of runes in your inventory or rune pouch
  • [If using Ranged] Plenty of arrows / bolts already equipped
  • Simba 1400 32-bit with the official OSRS legacy client or whatever client is currently supported by Simba, SRL-T and WaspLib (RuneLite is not supported)
  • Most up-to-date SRL-T from Torwent's SRL-T repo
  • Most up-to-date WaspLib
  • Script setup is on the GUI

How to use

  • Start either at Ferox Enclave or anywhere at the barrows location
  • Have a spade in your inventory and a ring of dueling in your ring slot
  • Have all of your combat gear already worn or in your inventory
  • Have any prayers setup for quick-prayers (this is how the script disables prayer after fighting)
  • If using POH to return to barrows, your portal room must have a Barrows portal built and doors must be hidden/permanently opened
  • If using Fairy Rings to return to barrows, either wear or keep an Ardougne cape in your inventory along with your choice of Dramen or Lunar staff

In-game settings

  • Max brightness
  • XP bar permanently opened with either total XP or Magic XP
  • Recommended having your zoom level set to a decent amount (~10-25)

Future features

  • Strange old lockpicks
  • Alternative methods to return to barrows, including Morytania legs
  • Recharging of certain weapons and repairing of certain items

Additional notes

My most complex project to date, in a showcase of what's possible with color alone. The development of this script lasted several months and began before the miniquest His Faithful Servants, meaning no minimap to work with. Hundreds of hours of development and testing were invested into its cause. I'm proud to say I learned quite a bit through this endeavor and am quite pleased with the end result.

There very well may exist unforeseen bugs, and there's certainly room for optimization. It's a project I predict will be on-going for the foreseeable future. I truly hope you all enjoy using the script as much as I have. Don't be afraid to reach out to me on Discord if you're having any issues at all. And if you're not already a part of the WaspLib Discord community, I urge you to come join us and have some fun. :)