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by shortThang

Tan dragonhides using the Lunar Spell.

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My first script using Wasp, this is a private script I've been using for several months without issue. I don't intend to maintain or update the script past this first revision as this is just a fun little project to share with the community. The script can easily be amended or even expanded upon to run even better!

Cast the lunar spell 'Tan Leather' to tan dragonhides.

Account Requirements

  • Lunar Diplomacy Completed
  • Fremennik HARD diary completed
  • 76 Magic

REQUIREMENTS (package & client settings that are known to work)

  • Standalone Vanilla OSRS Client w/ MAX BRIGHTNESS (untested on runelite)
  • Fixed Classic ONLY (resizable untested)
  • WaspLib v13.2.4, (future package updates may break something in the script)
  • SRL-T v1.1.2


  • Setup lines 9-22 to your desired settings, set values to True/False for desired antiban, 10-22 are completely optional and can be deleted should you wish to do so.

  • Set the Dragonhide you want to tan on lines 28 AND 259, they must match.

  • Cast Speed can be modified on line 105, default value is 3 game ticks.

  • Start the script LOGGED IN at the Grand Exchange.

-Tome of Fire + Byrophytas Staff OR Fire Staff equipped. (there is no handler to recharge the staff when it runs out of charges, you can either manually do it or add your own handler to the script to make it happen!)

-Nature + Astral Runes In your Inventory make sure to REMOVE their placeholders + fill your bank with placeholders.

  • Highly recommend putting your hides somewhere in the main bank tab (infinity sign) somewhere in the first 4-5 bank rows. The script is capable of searching for the hides you set in the bank, however in some rare instances it may cause the script to terminate.

Script Features

  • Currently set to bank at the Grand Exchange
  • Supports Dragonhides ONLY (Green, Red, Blue Black)
  • Checks to make sure you have at least 5 tannable hides in your inventory before casting.

Script Flow open bank > withdraw hides > cast spell max of 5 times > open bank > deposit leather