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Fishing, automated.



The all-in-one fishing companion

Current version: Revision 2

Last updated: 1/23/23


  • Auto fishes at user-specified locations
  • Some locations support banking, others are powerfish & drop only
  • Optional cooking at Barbarian Village & Entrana
  • Easy-to-use startup GUI
  • By default utilizes standard OSRS client with RemoteInput (no hijacking the mouse/keyboard)
  • Breaking system
  • Optimized to run efficiently with reduced CPU usage
  • Should work in any client mode / size / zoom level

Extra features

  • Drops fish via shift-drop method (if powerfishing)
  • Heft amount of anti-ban including custom content
  • Optional in-game world-hop if nearby player chat is detected
  • Walks via the mainscreen by default, optional adaptive walking available (hybrid MM + MS walking)
  • Optional on-screen progress report
  • Detects if you're wielding a harpoon for tuna/swordfish/sharks
  • Optional dragon harpoon level boosting (must be wielded, does not handle (or) style harpoons)
  • Auto-detect low combat players to take a safer walking path if fishing & banking in Draynor
  • Flying fish detection & spot switching if fishing for minnows

Supported locations / modes

  • Draynor [powerfish/bank] [shrimp/anchovy]
  • Lumbridge [powerfish] [trout/salmon]
  • Barbarian village [bank/powerfish/cook] [trout/salmon]
  • Entrana [powerfish/cook] [shrimp/anchovies, trout/salmon]
  • Karamja [powerfish/bank] [tuna/swordfish, lobster]
  • Catherby [powerfish/bank] [tuna/swordfish, lobster, shark]
  • Grotto [powerfish] [leaping trout/salmon/sturgeon]
  • Mount Quidamortem [powerfish] [leaping trout/salmon/sturgeon]
  • Piscatoris fishing colony [powerfish/bank] [monkfish]
  • Guild [powerfish/bank] [tuna/swordfish, lobster, shark]
  • Platform [powerfish] [minnow]

Future features

  • Karambwan-fishing via fairy rings
  • Aerial-fishing
  • Corsair Cove


  • Simba 1400 32bit with the official OSRS client (non-Steam version)
  • Most up-to-date SRL-T from Torwent's SRL-T repo
  • Most up-to-date WaspLib
  • Script setup in GUI upon running, extra parameters on lines 7-11

In-game settings

  • Max brightness
  • XP bar permanently opened with either total or Fishing XP displayed
  • Recommended having your zoom level set to a decent amount (~10-25)
  • DO NOT set your zoom level out to max

How to use

  • Have your player near your desired fishing area
  • Already have your fishing tools/feathers in your inventory or worn
  • For fishing on Karamja: you must have 5k+ coins in your inventory and you must have completed Pirate's Treasure quest
  • For fishing leaping fish: only feathers are supported bait for leaping fish